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Guidelines For Designing a Squarespace Website’s Landing Page

The landing page is specifically made with the sole purpose of capturing the web visitors or rather the prospective customer’s information through an inclusion form. When someone gets to your landing page they become a visitor and when they fill then form, they become a lead. Having a form on any page however doesn’t make it a landing page, and great ones can be a lead generating machine with so much efficiency that you cannot get through a form on your casually added form on your homepage. The best landing pages feature equal exchange in that, if you want the visitors to give up their information then you have to have compelling offers. Everything on the landing page should encourage the visitors to fill out the form, from the color to the layout and the text, and here is how you do that.

Normally, people will glaze over the copy pretty quickly, and this means that you have to stay focused and not have more text than necessary on the page. A cookie-cutter type of a landing page will not work because you will not be able to directly speak to the visitors. The font color and size, and the actual content should, therefore, focus on what you are offering them, and you should have bullets, heading and subtitles that focus their attention on their concerns, interest, and pain points too. The contrasting colors have been known to effectively make the call for action pop from the rest of the page and this is something that you should take advantage of.

Branding your page will not only further the business’s recognition, but will also give them confidence of their place in the infobahn. Offering credibility gives the visitors confidence that they can trust you and this is achieved mainly through the adding of the social proof. An image-heavy page may be visually appealing, bur may also distract them from, the main goal or primary task which will be filling in the form and the design therefore should be clean. Such pages may also be slow and no one will want to wait around for a page that is loading forever.

The layouts, which dictates the ability of the visitors to quickly interpret what they should read and where to go next to fill on the form, is the most important element on the page. You should, therefore, make sure that the visitors have an easy time on the landing page, easy to follow procedures and a great experience altogether. The only way that you will be able to capitalize on the marketing investment is if you translates the visitors into leads, and this is why you should get on to developing a landing page that will do just that.

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